The New 6 Feet and Less than 10

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

Social Distancing

Social distancing is quickly becoming the new normal. As we do so, let us find ways of staying connected. Here are some examples:

-Face time ( if appropriate) family members especially the elderly who will miss the time spent with children grandchildren, pets .A phone call is great , but many live for that visual personal connection.

-Be intentional in keeping active as we have shifted to a more sedentary life style . Do outdoor games in the back yard, it is springtime now. Use those game console units that have simulated games that will make you break a sweat and spend-awesome family time together. Do board games, puzzles,watch movies together, bring out the popcorn!

Keep as much normalcy as possible so that smaller children can feel less fearful in the light of everyday “breaking news” of “ doom and gloom”. Check in with them constantly and ask them how do they feel about what is going on

-Balance common sense with the health instructions being issued for our safety and protection.Remember dismissing health related directives might not directly affect you, but could cause the life of a loved one who is vulnerable at home.

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