About Ajhendda Health Solutions

Is health information vital to every living thing? At Ajhendda Health Solutions, we believe it is. We live in a dynamic society where health information can be static and updates can create havoc or cause hysteria in a household, a community, a nation, and the world.

At Ajhendda Health, we provide cutting edge health information in all forms from the layman to the health professional.

General Services

At Ajhendda Health Solutions, we provide:

  • Health screenings for expos and community health fairs. Screenings include biometric screenings (blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and BMI checks.)

  • Health Fair Speakers on a variety of topics including diabetes, cholesterol, heart health, weight loss, women's health, men's health, couple's health, children's health, mental health.

  • Lectures, seminars, and webinars for community-based organizations including churches, schools, independent and assisted living facilities.

  • Special emphasis health lectures and presentations for pre-adolescent, teen, young adult, middle age, pre, peri, and menopausal women

Professional Services

Our professional services include:

  • BLS, First Aid, CPR training and certifications

  • Consultant health coaching to help you achieve goals in your health and wellness such as diabetes self-management education, decrease your A1c level or hypertension education to maintain normal blood pressure values.

  • Tutorial services for student professionals


Individual and group rates available

Mobile service available